"One may find contractors that are less expensive but the quality of the work will not be the same" -- Draper Street Heritage Conservasion District

What we do

We specialize in aesthetically pleasing brickwork restoration of vintage brick or stone buildings using compatible materials.

The goal is to blend the repairs so well, they become invisible.

Factually, our skillset lays in reversing the unwanted effects of time -- or of previously misperformed repairs -- on the masonry building envelopes of older structures.

When we began, some years back, there was the prevalent misconception that old mortar could not be matched, serving as an excuse for a predominance of poorly executed work

We have pioneered a unique approach and demonstrated that a high level of reproduction of original materials could be done.


 We aim at creating as-near-perfect-as-possible, glitch-free experiences with our clients so as to have elated customers as a result.


We salvage existing masonry structures without dismantling and rebuilding them in their entirety, in order to preserve their originality. The outcome is a highly harmonious wall that looks "as if time had only kissed it". If a building or one of its facades is in such a condition that it requires a teardown, then that would fall outside the scope of our focus at this time.

Profile of our typical client

An individual for whom it is imperative that the final result be highly aesthetically pleasing, and who would not settle for the work that gets commonly done by most masonry contractors currently. It generally also happens to be someone who highly values  our unusual punctuality, sense of cleanliness and maniacal attention to details.


If you are looking for an artistic, beautiful restoration of your heritage or vintage brickwork, we possess the know-how and the experience to get it done at a highly professional level.


December 2006 #2

Mario Cantin, CAHP, Owner, is an accredited professional and a consultant.

He has served as a contributing writer for Masonry Magazine:

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Our Philosophy

Below you'll find the links to some of my blog posts which encapsulate what our business philosophy is here at Invisible Tuckpoinitng Ltd., should you be inclined to dig in a little deeper in doing your research.


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"Mario Cantin is an expert restorer of old brickwork" -- Cabbagetwon Preservation Association

 "Thanks again for all the hard work you and Sandy put into our house. You are a true craftsmen. Both Naz and I commented on the unbelievable transformation the two of you performed to the front of our residence. The hard work and sweat you put into restoring our home will not soon be forgotten. Please add us to your long list of extremely satisfied customers. My only regret is that I did not take before and after photos because that is the only way anyone could truly appreciate the magic you performed. If ever you need to convince a prospective client of the quality and value of your service have them call me, I have nothing but great things to say about the care, professionalism and perfectionism you treated us with. It was a pleasure and a privilege to do business with you both. Thanks again, Ray." -- Ray in Toronto   

"Mario Cantin is in my opinion the best person to restore your heritage masonry. He is kind, caring and a consummate professional. He does his research and works to achieve what the homeowner wants and needs. He actually does a "custom" job --- he finds the masonry adaptation that best suits your home. He came recommended to me by Heritage Preservations Services of Toronto as well as several of my neighbours in the East Annex. I walked around and looked at their houses --- very good work and the neighbours raved about him. He uses several tints to match the mortar and a variety of old techniques to match the bricks. You arrive back every night to a spotlessly clean work zone, and he works with your neighbours to limit disruption, noise, dust etc. I must confess I was moved to tears (of joy) when the completion of the restoration of our Victorian home was revealed to me. The work is beautiful ---- it exceeded my expectations. So much so I engaged Mario Cantin again this past month to restore the side and back of the house : again a wonderful experience. I highly recommend Mario Cantin and his team at Invisible Tuckpointing. They are a 12 out of 10!!" -- Alison in East Annex                   

"Mario restored the brick and stone on multiple houses on Draper Street and also re-pointed them using lime mortar. The houses were completely transformed by this work and remain visible for all to see. Also, Mario's work ethic and interaction with customers was excellent. He provided accurate estimates of the duration of work and always executed on time. Mario has been a very important part of the recent transformation of Draper Street into a beautiful historic enclave. Invisible Tuckpointing was outstanding on all fronts." -- Draper St. Heritage Conservation District

"Mario is a professional. He provided a quotation, set a date, turned up on time, and completed the work exactly as promised. Quality of workmanship was exceptional. My level of satisfaction led to another major project at a separate property .. where we had exactly the same experience." -- Dean in Toronto